After New York now also free wifi kiosks in London

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They are called InLinks, the free wifi kiosks that will be placed in London this year. At the kiosk you can use the internet, call for fee and charge your phone and other devices. The touchscreen will help you find local information and maps. 

Photo: Website Inlink

More cities

Launching in London, the project will extend to cities across the UK. At least 750 InLinks will be installed over the next few years. Hundreds of BT’s existing phone boxes will be replaced with the new InLinks to reduce clutter on the street. The traditional red phone boxes, many of which are designated grade II listed buildings, will not be replaced. Each InLink can support hundreds of Wi-Fi users simultaneously. You can find Inlinks on this map. 

Not exactly the same as in New York

The kiosks are funded by advertisements that play on the other side of the screens. London is the second city were the kiosk are being placed. New York was the first. There they are called ‘Links’. Apart from the name there is another difference between the kiosks in New York and Londen. The feature were you can use the touchscreen to go on the internet has been removed. Reason? In New York people used it to go to see porn in the streets….

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