Famous ‘Penis rock’ destroyed. Norway police hunts for vandalizers

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Norway police hunts for people who vandalized ‘Trollpikken’ in Eigersund. The rock formation is a very popular tourist attraction because of it’s shape: the rock looks like a giant penis in erection.

Joggers discovers some severe damage on Trollpikken on saturday. Investigators are sure the hard rock has been vandalized because they found signs of the use of chisels and a drilling machine.

The city of Eigersund wants to reconstruct Trollpikken and started a fundraiser to collect the 20.000 euro that is needed. By sunday Norwegians had donated 14.000 euros. A constructor has already been found to handle the job. ‘All we need is a little viagra.’ he explained to Norwegian media.

#trollpikken er nede, men det loves at den skal komme fort opp igjen! #egersund #norge #norway

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