Tourist tricked into eating dog meat in Bali

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Tourists unwittingly have been eating dog meat in Bali, an Animals Australia investigation has revealed. Dogs are being captured and killed not far from popular beaches and vendors deliberately target tourist and are prepared to lie about the origin of the meat. 

“This is a profoundly distressing situation. Not only is the suffering of the dogs horrifying, tourists are unwittingly fuelling the trade. Most tourists have no idea that the letters RW on the outside of popular street food stalls in Bali indicates that dog meat is being served,” said Animals Australia’s Director of Investigations, Lyn White.

Hidden cameras

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Animals Australia used hidden cameras to investigate the dog trade. “Our investigator’s footage of dogs being captured and slaughtered is deeply upsetting. The suffering of these dogs is nothing short of heart-breaking,” Ms White said. According to Animals Australia dogs are being brutally caught by dog meat gangs with wire nooses on poles, bound and bagged before being transported on motorbikes to crude slaughter areas. Vendors were filmed killing the dogs in horrific ways.

Locals are unaware of risks

Dog eating was brought to Bali by minority Christian ethnic groups who came to the island to work in the hospitality industry. The belief that it increases male virility, and its low cost, has seen its popularity grow with locals who are unaware of the cruelty or associated health risks. A sample of raw dog meat tested showed the meat was contaminated with high levels of coliform bacteria and E.Coli

Animals Australia advised the Bali government of the outcomes of the investigation in early April and wrote to all Consuls in Bali alerting them of the risks to tourists.

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