38 million pieces of plastic rubbish found on one of the world’s most remote islands

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38 million pieces of plastic rubbish is found on the beaches of a remote island located between New Zealand and Chili. 

The density of debris was the highest recorded anywhere in the world, according to the researchers who travelled to Henderson Island which is on UNESCO’s world heritage list.

Henderson Island

Henderson Island is one of four islands belonging to the Pitcairn Group in the South Pacific Ocean. The Island is not only remote but uninhabited. So how come there is so much plastic rubbish on the beaches?

Plastic products are used by millions of people everyday. Our plastic consumption grew from 1.7 million tons in 1954 to 311 million tons in 2014.

“Because plastic is very durable and most is not recycled , accidentally or intentionally littered items eventually enter our waterways. The surface layer of the world’s oceans now contains more than five trillion items, mostly microplastics.” the report of the researchers reeds.

“As global plastic production continues to increase exponentially, it will further impact the exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity for which remote islands have been recognized.” researchers warn.

Why is there so much rubbish on this island?

According to the researches most of the plastic originates from fishing-related activities or land-based sources in China, Japan, and Chile. Because of the location of the island, weather conditions and local currents the rubbish finds its way to these beaches. Like you can see on this map.

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