Camden breathes music, art and life

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In North-West London we find ourselves in Camden town, also known as Camden. This part of London sizzles with energy, which we notice right after arriving at Camden station:

Camden is full of music. It’s the part of London where Amy Winehouse lived and died. She is celebrated with statues, street-art and even an Amy Street art trail.

Art everywhere

We walk further downtown and notice how colourfull the streets (and the people in the streets) are. This is not a normal shopping street, it’s a piece of art. The brick walls above the shops show art in 2D and 3D. A big shoe above a shoeshop and Elephant in 3D for example.

Another thing we notice is that for every tattoo shop sign, there is a tattoo removal sign. These signs are held by youngsters who work for the shop and at the same time meet their friends on the streets. The signs are apparently also good to hide your kissing when a stupid blogger is taking pictures:

What’s going on here?

Food, food and more food

We are hungry and looking for food. Thankfully we don’t have to look far. A food market is nearby. Forget the typical Fish and chips or cottage pie. At this market you can find food from all over the world. Ethiopian coffee, all sorts of burgers, Thai food, Indian curries, churro’s, falafel and food we have never heard of, like Korean burrito’s. 

You can spend hours at the markets in Camden. But we want to see more, so we decide to walk alongside the canal. If you want to get out of buzzing Camden this is a fun thing to do. It’s very quiet and kind of romantic. You will see street art, funny boats and, if you walk far enough, you’ll pass a zoo. We actually saw hyena’s, or wild dogs (there was a little bit of a discussion there). Walk even further and you will pass enormous mansions with yards as far as the eye can see.

Amy Winehouse is everywhere

Our stroll alongside the canal took us outside of Camden so we had to take a sub back home. If you are ever around, please make sure you visit this special part of London. It might be getting more touristy every day but it still has it’s charme, not only because of all the artwork in the streets but maybe even more because of the residents who create their own style. No one looks the same, yet everybody is the same. This part of London breathes life.

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