Travel agent sends hoax mail about plane hijack to avoid going on holiday with his girlfriend

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A 32-year old travel agent was arrested this month in India for sending a hoax e-mail about a plane hijack to dodge his girlfriend’s demand for a holiday in Mumbai and Goa.

Motaparthi Vamsi

Motaparthi Vamsi Krishna send an e-mail  to Mumbai police from a fake account in the name of a woman. He wrote that he overheard six unidentified youths discussing at a restaurant in Hyderabad over lunch about their plan to hijack three flights in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai. Police forwarded the email to Mumbai Airport Security Group to go on high alert.

Man was having an affair and faces financial problems

Vamsi is married and has two children. But he was having an extramarital affair with a girl in Chennai. She proposed a trip to Mumbai & Goa. “As he is facing financial problems, he was unable to bare expanses for their tour, he requested her to withdraw the trip proposal, but she denied his request, forced him to go to trip to Mumbai & Goa.” According to this statement of the police.

In this process to cancel the trip, he hatched a plan to make her believe that flights have been cancelled because of High Alert at airports. So he wrote:

Text of e-mail message

‘’hi sir am female here am doing this mail frim Hyderabad as i don’t want to revel my details couse am a female and scared of issues, and mailing u this couse in the after noon around 2pm while having lunch there were 6 guys talking those guys are musclims, they were talking abt plane hijack tommarrow in Hyderabad chennai and Mumbai airport they were talking very slowly but unfortunately i heard few conversations abt this, they were saying all us 23 people have to split from here and have to board flights in 3 cities and hijack them at a time. They spoke some other things also but i couls not hear them as i heard only these few sentences from them, i dont know do am i doing correct or not and they are true or not but heard this so kindly go through this and as i informed this as a duty and a citizen of india and pls dont make me to get into issues’’

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