Canadian Filmmaker gives away $250K dream life in South-East Asia

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A Quebec Filmmaker is giving away the $250,000 dream life she created in Laos as part of an international competition to find the right person to take over her dream life.

Award-winning director Isabel Dréan is handing over a thriving bookshop/café with a fair trade gallery, a motorcycle, $10,000 USD, foreign investor resident status, and more.

“Rather than selling the business the traditional way, I wanted to show gratitude and change someone’s life,” – Isabel Dréan.

As part of the global competition, “The Ultimate Dream Life Abroad”, entrants will be asked to write a 200-word essay or 2-min video to the question: “Why me?”  Ms. Dréan wants people to tell her why they’re the ‘one’. “It’s not about experience but really about who they are, what’s their story, their passion, their dream.”

The competition will run over the   next three months with three rounds. Competition closes on June 6th, 2017. Three finalists (one from each round) will be chosen and flown to Luang Prabang, Laos, all-expenses-paid, to meet with Ms. Dréan and her family and prepare their final plea. The filmmaker hopes to turn this social experiment into a documentary about her experience.

“There will be fun challenges they will need to complete in front of panel of guests judges to see how well they can adjust to the culture and surprises, which you need when you run a business in a foreign country” she said. “One lucky winner will then take over the two businesses and their life will change forever.”

Ms. Dréan started with no money or no entrepreneurial experience and wants to give someone else the same chance she had.

“I’ve always done things differently in my life and as crazy as it sounds, this idea resonated with me,” she said. “I know it might sound too good to be true but I’m really doing this. This is the perfect ending to my story in Laos and the beginning of someone else’s.” she concludes.

Applicants can enter on the competition website “Ultimate Dream Life Abroad”

About Isabel Dréan

Isabel Dréan is an award-winning filmmaker from Montreal, Canada. The French Canadian is the owner of L’Étranger, Books & Tea, Kopnoi Gallery in Luang Prabang, Laos. She is the founder of The Ultimate Dreamlife Abroad, an international competition to give-away the life she created with her family in Laos since 2001.

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  1. Newton says:

    It was a life-changing decision but it s time for a new chapter, so why not give this chance to someone else.

  2. It was a life-changing decision but it s time for a new chapter, so why not give this chance to someone else.

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