Always wondered what pilots bring in their flight bags? Here it is!

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They travel more than most of us, make long hours and have some kind of mystic vibe about them: Pilots. Now it’s time to reveal one of their best kept secrets, what do they pack before take off? 

Pilots all over the world were asked to tell what  the top three items they always carry in their flight bags are (other than phone, passport, keys and wallet). The answers might surprise you.

Maps and charts

Despite advances in technology for pilots’ cockpit requirements, the most popular response was maps and charts, with 16% naming one or both of these as one of their three must-haves. Other popular answers included a headset, sunglasses, torch or flashlight, iPad (or tablet), and – proving that technology has not taken over completely – a pen.

Socks and Tabasco

Further items named by more than one pilot included batteries, socks and underwear, camera, gym or sports kit, power packs, snacks, dental floss, Tabasco or other pepper sauce, and sanitary wipes.

Ramen Noodles

More unusual choices for flight bag must-haves were a bible, nail polish remover pads, a bike pump, Lego, and ramen noodles.

Some pilots bring Ramen Noodles

About the survey

1,315 pilots (anonymously) took part in a survey initiated by PrivateFly. The PrivateFly 2017 Pilot Survey took place in October and November 2016 and follows a similar survey conducted back in 2012.



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