People are cleaning up Mount Everest in Nepal

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People have started cleaning up Mount Everest in Nepal. Expedition members are asked by the government to pick up rubbish they come across.


Yak carrying load to Everest Base Camp

Bags full of trash

Ten huge canvas bags which can contain 80 kilos of trash are to be placed at the ruined site of Camp Two on Mount Everest for climbers to deposit garbage they have retrieved, said Tourism Department official Durga Dutta Dhakal. The filled bags are taken down from the mountain by helicopters on their way back from dumping ropes on the mountain. This way the side gets cleaned up without any extra costs.

Not only is the rubbish transported by helicopters, other rubbish is being collected, burned and processed to be carried to lower altitudes by sherpa’s or yaks. Sherpa’s get paid to do this.

Mountaineers have removed more than 16 tonnes of trash from Everest in the past.


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