Museum of ice cream opens in LA

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Museum of Ice Cream opens its doors to the West Coast in LA this April. It’s the second museum of Ice Cream in the States.
The first Museum of ice cream in New York opened it’s doors in 2016, sold out in five days and attracted a waitlist over 200,000. The Los Angeles location is four times larger than the New York City incarnation and showcases 10 completely reimagined installations.

Popsicle jungle and swimmable sprinkle pool

Interactive highlights include a “banana split” comprised of ten thousand “bananas”, a mint “grow house”, a room dedicated to California, a melted popsicle jungle and more. The iconic swimmable sprinkle pool returns filled with one hundred million sprinkles that were custom designed and produced by Museum of Ice Cream.

Taste experience

Come hungry as the Museum’s new signature ice cream creation is sure to surprise and delight! The Museum has curated the best selection of ice cream for all to enjoy. Throughout its residency, the Museum will showcase on rotation one “scoop of the week”

To heighten the olfactory and taste experience, the Museum worked with the scientists at International Flavors & Fragrances to develop ice cream inspired scents and flavors. All of these experiences lead to the unveiling of over 30 new shoppable ice cream products including custom sprinkles, scoopers, kadima, ping pong table and more!

Museum of Ice Cream is open from April 22 until May 29.

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