Volunteers wanted to help sea turtles in Barbados

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It’s the perfect volunteer job. Helping endangered sea turtles and enjoying a holiday at a very tropical destination at the same time. It now is possible in Barbados because the Barbados Sea Turtle Project is looking for new volunteers.

Beach Patrol

After an intensive training you can start your job as Turtle volunteer. In the afternoon or evening you go out on beach patrols to see where the turtles lay their eggs and collect information. You label the female turtles and sometimes you have to move nests in order for the baby turtles to find their way to the ocean.

Leatherback females lay eggs near hotels

Barbados is an unique island. It has one of the largest leatherback populations in the Caribbean. Every year, approximately 500 females lay their eggs on one of the beaches on the island. Including the beaches near hotels. The leatherback is an endangered species. That’s why it’s important to protect them and their eggs.

As a volunteer you are working in a group with 6 volunteers and 6 locals. Together you work two to four months on the project. There is a place to sleep (which you share with your co-workers) and every month you receive a small amount of money to cover food and other expenses. The only thing you have to pay for is your plane ticket.

How do you apply

You can apply until March 31 to enter the project that starts in may. If you want to enter the project that start in August you can apply till June 31.
You can apply here


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