Airbnb announces new plans to serve Chinese travelers

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Airbnb announced a series of plans to better serve Chinese travelers, particularly millennials, who are seeking an alternative way to travel.

Live in Art


Airbnb’s new brand name  in China, “Aibiying” (爱彼迎), translates as ‘welcome each other with love’ and reflects Airbnb’s mission of belonging and bringing people together from communities and neighborhoods all around the world to reimagine how we travel.

Local experiences with ‘Trips’

Airbnb is also bringing its latest innovation, Trips, to China with the launch of Airbnb Experiences in Shanghai. Trips is Airbnb’s strategy to move beyond accommodation to offer unique experiences across all areas of the trip.

Soup Dumpling Class

Trips launches today in Shanghai with  authentic and unique Experiences offered by locals – from learning about dough figurines (also known as Miansu), a 4,000 year old Chinese folk art that is rarely practiced today, to going behind-the-scenes of traditional Kun Opera.

A Closer Look

Boost the number of engineers in China

To better serve Chinese travelers, Airbnb will more than triple the size of its local workforce this year and double its investment in the market. China has the only Airbnb engineering center outside of the United States and Airbnb expects to further boost the number of engineers in China in the next year.

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