Stranded on an airport? Tango!

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A flight that has been delayed or a very long layover. There are many times people get stranded on an airport. This is the most annoying part of traveling right? Well, think again. Because for the bored traveller there is a facebookgroup called: Stranded On An Airport, Tango Meet-up!

Bring your dancing shoes and some guts

Passengers travel with their dance shoes and music and post to the group when they know they will be at a particular gate at an airport. With 11.000 members on the Facebook page it’s not unlikely you will find a great dance partner to kill time at the airport. It takes some guts but it seems like a perfect way to kill some time.

Good luck

You have to be in luck though. 11.000 members may seem like a lot but there are many times there is nobody to meet up with. But if you keep trying, this awesome thing might happen (click to play video):


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