Man crosses ocean on just a paddle board

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Chris Bertish is the first person to standup paddle across the Atlantic Ocean. The 42-year-old Bertish from South Africa accomplished the journey solo and unassisted (which means there was no support boat around). It took him 93 days and 4000 miles to get from A to B. 

This is his reaction when he arrived safe and sound:

“The main goal of this project is to push the limits of what’s possible for the sport and for what the human spirit can endure, while inspiring others to believe in themselves and what’s truly possible,” Bertish said to Ecowatch. “We are changing the lives of millions by paddling smiles across the faces of less fortunate children in Africa and South Africa, with the money we raise for this incredible project.”

From Morocco to Antigua
Bertish began his journey (#theSUPCrossing)  in Morocco on December 6th, 2016. He arrived in Antigua on March 10. He was self-supportive for the full 93 days. This is how the inside of his 100.000 dollar costing vessel looked like:

The vessel not only had a watertight main cabin where he could sleep and take shelter in bad weather conditions. The vessel was also self-righting. Which means it flips over by itself the right way when it capsizes.

When he got ashore Chris gave an inspiring speech. After 93 days of paddling, eating the same food and doing all of that for a good cause, there is just one man that deserves a good burger and that’s Chris Bertish.

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