Australian lake turns pink again

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    Copyright: Parks Victoria
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    Copyright: Parks Victoria
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    Copyright: Parks Victoria
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A lake in Melbourne, Australia has turned pink again. The bright color is due to warm weather, very high salt levels, sunlight and little rain. Algae growing in the salt crust on the bottom of the lake produces the red pigment. 

Parks Victoria posted pictures of the lake on Facebook this week. It’s a stunning sight and very appealing to take a dive but Dr Mark Norman, Parks Victoria chief conservation scientist, says that even though the water is not dangerous, he would not recommend taking a swim because of the high salt levels that could really hurt your eyes.

“It’s so salty and muddy on the bottom that you would come out looking like a frosted rum ball, especially when you dried,” he said.

The algae in the water is called dunalliela and it is not dangerous. It’s the same algae as Flamingo eat, which explains their pink color. The lake will become blue again in wintertime.


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