Seven swimming Bahama pigs found dead. Tourists may be to blame

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Seven of the famous swimming Bahama pigs are found dead this week on Big Major Cay AKA “Pig Beach”.

It is said that tourist might be to blame for the deaths of the adorable creatures. “The pigs were given the wrong food.” Says one of the pig’s owners Wayde Nixon to The Nassau Guardian. “We have people coming there giving the pigs beer, rum, rding on top of them, all kind of stuff.” he says.

Exumas Swimming Pig Animal Staniel Cay Bahamas

More and more people come to the island

Many tourist come to pig beach to swim with the pig and feed them including celebrities like Amy Schumer who was there just last week and Donald Trump junior who visited the beach in 2016. “The incident is not going to stop people being able to come to the island.” Says Nixon.

It is not sure that the pigs actually died because of tourists feeding them the wrong things. An investigation is on it’s way. 15 pigs are still alive on the island.


People now are looking to regulate the beach with boundary lines around the pigs. “So people will be able to take photographs and see the pigs swim, but not be able to feed them things.”

The famous pigs get’s a lot of famous attention. Like Amy Shumer who was there last week.

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