No more sweat. Get rid of your fear of flying

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Many travellers have a fear of flying, some more than others. But instead of never taking a plane you better get rid of the fear, right?

Coke dripping from the ceiling

I never was afraid of flying until I was on my way home from Mexico. After one hour or so we got into a little turbulence, which got worse and worse. Then all of a sudden the plane dropped. It felt like tumbling over the top of a roller coaster track. Butterflies in the stomach, but the wrong kind. We just got our diner and drinks so coke was dripping from the ceiling when everything went back to normal again.

Circling around Cuszcko

After that incident (the pilot said sorry through the intercom) I still am a little shook up when there is turbulence on my plane or, like last year above Cuszko the weather was to bad to land the plane and we had to circle above the airport for 20 minutes. I saw the same mountain over and over again and every time I saw the mountain my fear of flying into it grew.

The pilot knows things

I kept myself calm counting my breath and ensuring myself the pilot knew exactly what he was doing, because well, he is a pilot and I am not. Of course the pilot landed the plane flawlessly.

A friend told me that when I am afraid on a plane I just have to close my eyes and imagine myself being on a train. That really does the trick for me. Other tricks to overcome your fear of flying you can find in this cool infograph:


15 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying – An infographic by the team at

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