This is what happened to me on the rock of Gibraltar, and it wasn’t pretty

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I was road tripping Spain and decided to go to Gibraltar. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t no much about Gibraltar and it was quite a spontaneous trip so I was a little surprised I had to show my passport to get in.

It didn’t take long to notice it is a British Overseas Territory in Spain. (Yes, I learned this in school but I totally forgot somehow). The signs are in English, you can see red pillar boxes, people speak a strange mix of English and Spanish and there were even fish and chips shops! For a minute I thought I had to drive on the other side of the road but that wasn’t the case.

The Rock of Gibraltar, a a 426m-high limestone rock, is the main landmark and on that rock lives a colony of wild monkeys. It’s the only wild colony on the European continent. I like animals so I took a cable-car up. In the video you see what happens next.

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