Buenos Aires organizes free food tours with locals for tourists

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Tourists will be able to join free tours in the city of Buenos Aires alongside locals this year and get an insider’s view of the city’s restaurants and eateries.

Capital of Gastronomic Culture

The city celebrates a special year with its designation as Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. Throughout the year tourists will be taken everywhere from traditional Spanish style taverns, Italian stone oven pizzerías andArgentine asado houses (the national style of cooking meat over red hot coal). All with an emphasis on understanding the history, evolution and preparation of each cuisine.

Gonzalo Robredo, Executive Director of ENTUR, said: “Gastronomic tourism is an area with huge potential for Buenos Aires. The city’s traditional cuisine offer both world famous meat and dishes from immigrant communities. Most traditionally these have been Italian and Spanish with some other influences, but in recent years we have incorporated the best of Latin American cuisine, Japanese and more”.


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