No more jetlag thanks to lighting concept of Hamburg startup

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When Lufthansa’s new long-haul Airbus A350-900 enters service this coming Friday, passengers will experience a cabin lighting concept tailored to the human biorhythm for the first time.

24 different lighting scenarios on board ensure that passengers reach their destination well-rested and with less jetlag than is typical for a long-haul flight.

Light to lighten jetlag

The idea comes from Hamburg startup Jetlite that came into being as a result of Leder’s doctoral thesis on improving physical wellbeing on-board an aircraft by means of the targeted use of light. Warm light at the beginning of a night flight makes a demonstrable contribution to comfort and relaxation.  In 2016, “jetlite” was one of six startups chosen to move into the newly opened Airbus BizLab Hamburg.

Lighting ideas for the future

The long-term goal of “jetlite” is to extent its concept of reducing jetlag with cabin lighting to cover the entire journey. Lighting effects at the airport before boarding are one possibility, as is a smartphone app that calculates the ideal time to go to bed for a passenger some days ahead of the flight based on destination and personal sleeping rhythms.

The team of Jetlite

Hamburg’s aviation industry played a substantial role in the development of this world-first innovation for long-haul flights. The scientific concept for the new lighting technique originates with the “jetlite” startup, anchored in the aviation cluster, and was brought to market-readiness assisted by the six-month Airbus BizLab accelerator program.

With the successful market launch, the young company will leave the Airbus startup center in March, moving into offices in the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research.

Lufthansa plans to follow the installation of the chronobiological lighting design in its new A350 fleet by retrofitting it in its Boeing 747-8 fleet.


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