“It looked like bubblewrap.” Australian woman finds beach full of jellyfish

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Charlotte Lawson from Brisbane Australia found a beach full of jellyfish on Thursday while she was taking a stroll with here husband, daughter and the family’s dogs.

When the young family arrived at Queensland’s Deception Bay they noticed an unusual color in the water. When they got closer Charlotte noticed she wasn’t looking at water but at a see of jellyfish. Bluebottles in this case.

“The first thing I thought was that our daughter definitely wouldn’t be playing in the sand, because there was none! It looked like bubble wrap.” says Charlotte to Globetrotter Post. “It’s not uncommon to see jellyfish here, but we’ve never seen so many.” 

Jellyfish invasion is caused by a combination of factors

Marine biologist Lisa-Ann Gershwin says to the BBC the phenomenon was probably caused by a combination of factors like warmer waters, abundant nutrients and an absence of predators. Recent strong north-easterly winds had contributed to a spike in jellyfish sightings along Australia’s coasts.

The jellyfish on the beach fortunately didn’t ruin the family’s day out. “We went to the park instead and ended up having a great day with lots of fun.”


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