Airplanes of the future. What would you like to see on your next flight?

  • Airbus Smart Cabin Reconfiguration
    Airbus A380 Aft Galley Stair Module/ Copyright: Airbus Say Goodbye to the spiral staircase in the A380. The straight design of the stair model allows lavatory and galley modules to be moved around, creating more space for seats.
  • F_LIST_Heated_Stone_Flooring
    F/List: F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING/Copyright: F/List F/Lists innovation is the first fully certifiable real stone flooring with integrated heating for aircraft cabins. It combines the comfort of underfloor heating while promising to be durable, easy to clean and being available in 11 different stone types.
  • LHTechnik_Niceview_Mobile
    Lufthansa Technik: niceview Mobile/Copyright: Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa Technik introduces an interactive system that lets passengers track their own flight live on their tablet or smartphone. The 3D moving map uses real satellite imagery which allows passengers to select from a variety of customizable perspectives including information on altitude, speed and travel time.
  • LHTechnik_MercedesBenz_Cabin
    Lufthansa Technik: Mercedes-Benz Style VIP Aircraft Cabin/Copyright: Lufthansa Technik The “S class of cabins” by Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa Technik features a welcoming entrée, a galley for live cooking and a VIP lavatory for 16 passengers. The dynamic spiral layout is the central design theme extending throughout the aircraft from the entrance all the way to the bedroom.
  • Diehl_Galley-Bar-Module
    Diehl Comfort Modules: Galley-Bar-Module (GBM)/Copyright: Diehl Comfort Modules The Bar-Module by Diehl Comfort Modules can easily be integrated in existing galleys. It offers a work top that can be used as a welcome desk, a self-service station or a bar counter. Cheers!
  • Airbus_A380_new_aft_stairs_concept
    Airbus A380 Aft Galley Stair Module/ Copyright: Airbus Say Goodbye to the spiral staircase in the A380. The straight design of the stair model allows lavatory and galley modules to be moved around, creating more space for seats.
  • KruegerAviation_DigitalMirror
    Krüger Aviation: K-Reflexion/Copyright: Krüger Aviation Krüger dares the transition of an unnoticeable product - the lavatory mirror – into a high- tech component: The polycarbonate alternative to glass contains semitransparent areas to play flight information or display advertising on a screen positioned behind the mirror surface.
  • Delta_One_Suite
    Female passenger asleep in closed pod in Delta One. - These images are protected by copyright. Delta has acquired permission from the copyright owner to the use the images for specified purposes and in some cases for a limited time. If you have been authorized by Delta to do so, you may use these images to promote Delta, but only as part of Delta-approved marketing and advertising. Further distribution (including proving these images to third parties), reproduction, display, or other use is strictly prohibited.
  • LHTechnik_GuideU
  • United_Polaris_777
    United Airlines: United Polaris/Copyright: United Airlines The Polaris cabin concept for Business class offers a new cabin configuration with all- aisle access seats in a density neutral layout, not compromising space or comfort. The Polaris experience also includes a business-class lounge, the first for any US airline.
  • BE_Aerospace_FamilyZone
    B/E Aerospace Family Zone/Copyright: B/E Aerospace Turn your long distance flight into a family adventure! The B/E Aerospace Family Zone provides an area designed to help entertain traveling children while flying in an ergonomic suitable and safe environment.
  • VisionSystems_Astronics_Smart-Info_Window
    Vision Systems: Smart-Info Window/Copyright: Vision Systems The innovative window delivers information to the passengers, such as travel information, points of interest or stock exchange indices and allows them to “window shop” directly from adverts displayed.
  • Jamco_Villa
    Jamco: Villa/Copyright: Jamco The “Villa” concept by Jamco presents exclusive Business and First class seats which offer relaxing positions and flexible rearrangements without the need of mechanical movements. This reduces both – components and uncomfortable traveling.
    Kestrel Aviation Management: Sky Blue BBJ 787/Copyright: Kestrel Aviation Management With the Sky Blue cabin, Kestrel “pushes the frontiers of luxury”: It combines Zen design with soft earth tones, uncluttered flowing lines with the absence of sharp edges and an elaborated light concept.
  • In2Sense_SmartOffice
    In2tec: In2sense Smart Office/Copyright: In2tec The Smart Office combines a polycarbonate tray table with a touchscreen keyboard. When a passenger connects through Bluetooth, the keyboard is illuminated and ready to use.
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Interactive windows, stone floors and smart offices, family zones and even a bar in an airplane. Can you imagine? These companies can.

Their innovate aircraft cabin products and concepts that made it to the final of The Crystal Cabin Award. Main intention of the award is to initiate a significant improvement in passenger comfort.


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  1. Hatton says flying the DC-10 so close to the ground DC- usually fly so low only when they re approaching an airport is not necessarily dangerous; the tankers carry a much lighter fuel load than they would have as airliners, so they re not as heavy and therefore able to manoeuvre more quickly.

  2. Airbus envisions a future when as soon as you step onto a plane, you place your carry-on into a bin that takes your hand luggage and automatically whisks it to the overhead bin space above your assigned seat.

    • Globetrotter Post says:

      Which means you won’t have to wait for all the people in the isle putting their bags in the bin space. That would be so nice!

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