Want to win a free trip around the world? It will costs you $12,500

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Want to win a free trip around the world? Only a few spots remain for adventurous Indiana Jones-types to compete in The Global Scavenger Hunt, the Super Bowl of travel adventure competitions. The only thing is, it will cost you $12,500.

To enter the competition you will have to pay. But in return you will visit ten different countries. Teams also help raise funds for humanitarian causes.

Taxi driver roulette in Hanoi

The 13th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt travel adventure competition aims to return the romance of travel while testing the travel IQ of the most travel savvy of globetrotters. They will complete a series of highly participatory, authentic and challenging cultural site-doing scavenges in ten secret countries over a 23-day circumnavigation between April 14th and May 6th, 2017. Trusting strangers in strange lands is required!

The scavengers you have to face could be Singing Born to be Wild in a karaoke bar with at least three new friends in Seoul or Attending a midnight Orthodox Easter Mass in a Tunisian cathedral. Maybe you have to learn ancient meditation techniques from a yoga master on an India ashram or make baklava in traditional a Turkish bakery or you end up playing taxi driver roulette in Hanoi. Everything is possible.

Humanitarian causes
Teams also help raise funds for ongoing humanitarian causes. Past organizations that have helped fund ten co-ed elementary schools in Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Kenya, India, Niger and Ecuador; as well as helped over 1,800 households with interest free micro loans. Organizations supported include: Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, Free the Children and KIVA, among others.
Last call interested travelers need to apply online at GlobalScavengerHunt.com


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