Couple spends over 100K to fly beloved cat by private jet from Moscow to Boston

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A couple spend over 100K to fly their cat from Moscow to Boston in a private jet. Marsik, a prized blue British Shorthair, often flies by private jet between his owners’ homes in the U.S. and Russia. The price tag for his most recent trip came to a bit more than 100,000 USD

The couple that pays for this extraordinary trip wanted to make sure that their beloved cat did not have to travel in a cargo hold of a commercial airliner.

“While the trip certainly wasn’t inexpensive, we were able to save the client quite a bit over paying for a round-trip by rerouting a Gulfstream G-IV flying an empty leg from London to pick up Marsik and his ‘entourage’ in Moscow,” explained Eric Ammon, Paramount’s Senior Vice-President of Sales and Services. “Even cats appreciate good value, and the chance to save money.”

Paramount Business Jets (PBJ)

International travel with pets is subject to extensive regulations, and in-depth knowledge of the process is vital to reducing the risk of last-minute complications. A team of travel professionals assisted with Marsik’s trip from beginning to end, ensuring that mere bureaucratic matters did not delay his travel plans.

Luxurious catnaps

Once airborne, Marsik had the opportunity to lounge throughout the Gulfstream’s luxurious cabin, taking in the sights from over 40,000 feet and even enjoying a catnap or two. Marsik also entertained guests upon his arrival in Boston, while a U.S. Customs official came onboard the aircraft and verified his travel credentials.

“I believe it’s fair to say that Marsik was a rather finicky client,” says Paramount CEO Richard Zaher. “He had a very particular list of travel requirements, and demanded only the very finest in accommodations throughout his journey.”


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