Sealed with a kiss (part III). How a guy I never met booked my trip to a secret destination

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I woke up and looked at my phone. “Good morning! Hope you have an awesome day.” Wow, this guy was good. Or was it slick? I didn’t know but I liked it. Because I was in Budapest without any kind of preparation I thought it was best to check out the city by foot first.

With the map on my phone I started at the west city centre. One of the first things that caught my eye was a Ferris wheel. And you know, when you see a ferris wheel, you have to take a ride. So that’s what I did. It gave me an amazing view over this beautiful city.

View from the ferris wheel

I continued my route and walked past beautiful buildings alongside the river. The parliament, the opera, a zoo, a castle and the famous Szechenyi Baths in the city park. During the walk I had a lot of time to think. Was the guy who arranged all this a good guy? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, right? Or am I in luck? Do I even want to be in a relationship? Does he want what I want in life? My head was spinning. Somebody told me the cakes in Budapest are delicious. This was the moment to put that to the test and get my mind of things. I entered a coffee house.


This wasn’t just another coffee house. It was like walking into a castle. Red carpet, beautiful lamps and gold everywhere. I felt like Cinderella. If you are ever in Budapest, make sure you pay gerbeaud cafe a visit. Also because it’s true: the cakes are delicious. I ended the evening with dinner for one in one of the many restaurants in the city centre and turned in early.

Bus ride to the caves

“Good morning sunshine, what are your plans for today.” Does this dude ever sleep? I answered his question and we chatted for a while. A couple of hours later I’m on a bus on my way to the caves of Budapest. (Szemlő-hegyi-barlang) I knew which bus to take because I asked a nice little lady at the tourist info point. She circled the bus stops where I had to hop on and off on a map. I looked out the window and saw buildings passing by. The city became the suburb. I saw a lot of ugly concrete and graffiti. Then I saw working men having a break and eating onions with salt in the same way I would eat an apple. (iew)

The bus stops. Apparently this is the end of the line. Hmz. This was not the name of the station I was supposed to be at right now. But there is no next stop and I have to get out. I look around and see people staring at me. During my previous travels I developed a gut feeling, or better said, I developed the ability to trust that gut feeling. And my gut feeling was saying: “Ooooooooooh no, NO, no no no no, no.” So that was kind of clear. I found a schedule and looked at it carefully. I was on the right street when I hopped on the bus, only on the wrong side of the road. So I went in the complete opposite direction. Argh! Long story short, I took the bus back, crossed the street, hopped on the right bus and three hours later I visited the caves, which where awesome and should be on your Budapest to-do list.

The next day I roamed around town and visited Sziget. The island in the middle of the river Donau. I liked the silence, gardens and peace on the island. In the evening I sat down on one of the chairs in front of a fountain and enjoyed an amazing light and music show.

On my way back to the hostel I pass the parliament once again. This city looks even more prettyat night. It was time to have a beer to celebrate this awesome adventure.

Pink Polkadots and panther prints

The plan for my last day in Budapest was to relax. The past days I had walked around 20(!) km a day so I deserved to chill in one of Budapest most famous spas. The Szechenyi Baths I had seen before in the park. Just one thing, I didn’t bring a bathing suit. That shouldn’t be a problem in a city with so many spa’s and pools. It was.

I walked for over an hour before I found a tiny lingerie shop, which had some ugly bathing suits. Very, very, ugly. But I needed one and I could see the fun in this. New mission, to find the ugliest one to wear to the spa. The sales woman didn’t speak English and the shop was about 2 square meters big. Behind a curtain I changed into the first bathing suit. I looked horrible in it. And then they kept coming. One bathing suit after another. The saleswoman was rocking this whole selling thing and I was rocking bathing suits with shiny spangles, panther prints en pink polka dots. Eventually I picked this awesome one:

I had an amazing time relaxing in hot baths, cold baths, pools and saunas. I watched Hungarian men play chess and talked to an Italian lady who loved my bathing suit. (Told you I rocked it.)

That evening I went for dinner in a restaurant where you can write things on pieces of paper and pin it to the wall or the ceiling. I was drawing thoughtlessly while I was waiting for my dinner. When my pasta arrived, I looked at my doodle and I saw I thoughtlessly drew the name of ‘the guy’. I put it on the ceiling, where it probably still is.

Did I end up with the cute guy?

And this is where my trip ends. The trip a guy who I had never met booked for me. The trip that showed me the beautiful city of Budapest. The trip that helped me clear my head and the trip I enjoyed so much. So, what happened when I was back. Did I end up with the guy? This man knew what I needed and talking to him made me happy every single time. So yes, we did end up together. It is the sweetest man on earth, handsome, funny and adventurous. We are together for over a year now. In our first year together we road-tripped through Sicily, enjoyed Porto, Portugal, went to Montenegro, hiked the Salkantay trail in Peru and spend a few days in Newcastle. Can’t wait for the second year!







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  1. Eden Morales says:

    What a lovely story you got there. I guess love for travel brought you guys together. Hope youll have more adventures with each other.

  1. 26 January 2017

    […] In the next and last part you can read about how I get lost, go underground, get half-naked in a shop and if I end up with ‘the cute guy’. Read part 3. […]

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