Five tourists and captain injured after hot air balloon crashes in Sharjah

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Five tourist are brought to the hospital after their hot air balloon crashed in Sharja (United Arab Emirates) on Saturday. The captain of the balloon was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital because of the severity of his injuries.

Sharja police were notified about the incident at 9 am on Saturday and immediately send emergency crews and police to the area where the air balloon fell to the ground. The injured tourist are from Asia and Europa police confirms. The investigation is under way but it is too early to know what caused the crash. “But it could be wind speed or mechanical failure. ” Says Colonel Ahmed bin Darwish, director of Sharjah Central Region Police.

Dutch newspaper de stentor says a Dutchman is in critical but stable condition after a hot air baloon crash in Dubai. Five others where left unharmed. It’s not clear yet if this is the same accident.



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