How to earn money while traveling

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Traveling is expensive. Even when you are a backpacker or a low budget traveler, someday you will run out of money. So if you want to travel abroad for a longer period of time you will need to find a way to make money. But how?

5 tips to earn money for longer travels

1. Become an English teacher

You don’t have to be English or have an English degree to teach English abroad. In places like Thailand, Cambodia and Central and South America you can find jobs as a teacher. It is however helpful to have a TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate to broaden your choices in countries to teach. Check out this website for information about how to get these certificates online and to find teaching jobs abroad. The international TEFL academy made a good list of the best countries to teach English and the earnings. Check out their post here.

 2. Use your native language

Companies abroad are looking for your native tongue

Want to travel Europe and work? How about being a tour guide? Do some research, learn about your city and talk to locals to get the best tips. If you are fully prepared you can start a tour by foot in your own language.

Looking for a ‘real’ job? You can check out this website:
Just found out about this one. It’s a multilingual job board in Europe where you can search jobs by country, language, city or sector. Companies working with Europe Language Jobs are looking for multilingual speakers to work around Europe. It’s a good opportunity to find a job abroad and it helps built your resumé.

3. Be a digital nomad

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection if you want to be a Digital Nomad.

A laptop and an internet connection is all a digital Nomad needs. Digital Nomads earn their money online. Blogging, vlogging, marketing and writing are all digital nomad jobs. Digital nomads are free to travel because they can work anywhere as long as there is internet. From hotels to coffee-shops to night buses with on board Wi-Fi. Butt don’t forget, if you want to be a digital nomad you actually have to work.

4. Become a fitness instructor

Be a yoga or Pilates teacher in the park.

Fancy yoga or boot camps? Why don’t you start your own lessons in the park? If you are a good teacher, you could think about making a deal with backpacker hostels and local gyms to teach classes and use their facilities. In return they have an extra feature to offer at their accommodation. It will keep the stress out too!

5. Working Holidays

Friend working as an ice cream seller in Australia.

Work legally and travel at the same time with a working holiday Visa. Working Holidays are mostly for travellers between the ages 18 – 30. The nature of the jobs depents on what country you are in. From being a ski-instructor in the French Alps to work on a farm in Australia. (My friend Martijn was running an ice-cream truck for months in Australia). Check this link for a list of countries where you can get working holiday visa.

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