The Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote opened its doors as the first underwater museum in Europe

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14 metres deep, in the waters near the south coast of Lanzarote, Europe’s first underwater museum opened last week.

Artist Jason deCaires Tayor is responsible for the art in Museo Atlántico at the bottom of the sea. An unique and permanent exhibition. The first 35 sculptures can be visited from now. The museum can expand to 300 sculptures, all made of concrete.

The museum is located at the Bahía de Las Coloradas. This place is chosen mainly because of the physical characteristics of its sea bottom, it’s very flat and there is not much current which can damage the sculptures. The whole museum covers a 2,500-square-metre surface that divers and scuba divers will have access to. The water in this spot is also very clear giving not only scuba divers but also swimmers and people on boats a clear sight at the artworks.

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