Sealed with a kiss (PART II). How a guy I never met booked my trip to a secret destination

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I walked into the arrival hall and looked around to see where to go next. It was already dark when I went outside looking for the bus that would take me to the center of Budapest.

I didn’t know if I should buy a ticket in the bus or if I needed some kind of card. I also did not now how long this ride would take, so I decided to go back inside and look for some information, water and food first. Then it hit me. They don’t have Euros here!

*insert light panic attack*

Thankfully I found the exchange office pretty quickly. My math skills are horrible and I couldn’t understand the clerk through the audio system, so this exchange was all based on trust. There was a lot of counting and mumbling, then some more counting and mumbling, but in the end I had some Hungarian Forint (HUF) in my hand. I took a deep breath, found a shop where I bought water and some Pringles (The best survival kit for long trips) and an info stand where I could buy a bus ticket. I bought a public transport ticket that I could use for any kind of transport for a couple of days. I felt proud and I wanted to tell the cute guy how awesome I was handling all this. The moment I thought of him I blushed and felt my heart beating. But, no wifi, so no contact.

I found the right bus (200E) outside, flashed my new transport card to the bus driver like an FBI agent flashes her badge and found a seat. I checked the directions to the hostel I saved on my phone:


Directions to hostel

Allright, so I needed to find the right metro station, metro line and than another line followed by a square and a street. With no internet on my phone, in a dark, unknown city I felt a bit uneasy if I’m perfectly honest. But I kept my cool and thought about how crazy this adventure was. I had traveled on my own before and I believed I would be okay. And I was.

The blue line

The blue line

I ended up in a private room in the right hostel, which looked tidy and clean. I went to get the wifi code at the reception and passed a very big Italian guy, who must have been in his 60’s. He had a blond girl at his side who was around 25 years old. Back in my room I quickly fell onto the bed, finally I could talk to ‘him’ again. We chatted all night and when I told him I was going to sleep, he ended the conversation with the heart kiss emoticon for the first time.

boedapest-september-2015-35-van-154 boedapest-september-2015-36-van-154

Rumbling door

I woke up in the middle of the night of a rumbling sound at my door. I sat straight up and tried to figure out where I was. I looked at the door and saw it move. It was still closed though and I locked it. Then I heard a sound. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Something was hitting my wall. I suddenly realized what I was hearing. OMG NO! And then, coming from the room next to me I heard a man’s voice: Aaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. One last bang on the wall and then it stopped. Yes, I really needed to buy earplugs.

In the next and last part you can read about how I get lost, go underground, get half-naked in a shop and if I end up with ‘the cute guy’. Read part 3.

How to get around in Budapest:

Most of Budapest’s city center is suitable for walking.There are pedestrian precincts in downtown Pest and traffic is restricted in the shopping areas. But if you don’t feel like walking you can take the bus, taxi, subway or train. Budapest has an excellent public transportation system. You can buy one way tickets but the smarter thing to do is to buy a public transport ticket that is valid for a couple of days. I bought the 72-hour travel card  (4 150 HUF), valid on all public transport vehicles for an unlimited number of trips for 72 hours starting from the time and date you purchased it. On this page you can find more information about the different tickets and prices.

Where to sleep in Budapest:
Stag Kiss Budapest wrote this great article on how to choose accommodations in Budapest. Click HERE to read the article.

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