Good news for digital nomads: There is going to be more wifi in the sky!

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It takes some time, but it seems surfing above the clouds is finally getting more and more common. Lufthansa and Australian airlines where already able to go online on long haul flights, but now they’re unrolling the service on short flights too.

Send emails from a height of 10,000 meters, do your online shopping while soaring over the Alps, stream videos above the clouds – and all of that with broadband quality. Lufthansa and Australian airlines successfully concluded all the necessary preparation work. Now the next stage of testing will start, initially involving five aircraft in each case. Passengers who fly on these aircraft will be offered free Internet use during this test phase. The analysis of the user behavior will provide the data necessary to further enhance the service ahead of its market launch.

Packages from 3 to 12 euros

Lufthansa passengers can gain Wifi access to the Internet using their own mobile devices. As well as email services, applications such as video streaming will be possible too. Customers will then be able to choose between three different service packages:

– FlyNet Message for EUR 3,
– FlyNet Surf for EUR 7
– FlyNet Stream for EUR 12 per flight.

Whilst FlyNet Message only allows the use of messaging services such as email, WhatsApp or iMessage, FlyNet Surf also enables passengers to surf the Internet. With the FlyNet Stream service package, streaming is also possible. The packages can be paid for by credit card or via payment services such as Paypal.

First company to have broadband internet access

As long ago as 15 January, 2003, Lufthansa was the operator of the first commercial long haul flight worldwide to have broadband Internet access. The service had to be taken off the market in 2006 despite its technically reliable system and its growing popularity with passengers, because the necessary “Connexion by Boeing” satellites ceased operations. Since the end of 2010, Lufthansa has again been offering broadband Internet access on its inter-continental flights – once again as worldwide first. And since June 2015, FlyNet has been available on all current 107 Lufthansa long haul aircraft.

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