Iconic sequoia tunnel tree victim of storm

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There is not much left of the iconic ‘tunnel tree’ in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in the Unites States after a storm hit Northern California.

The giant sequoia tree was also known as the Pioneer Cabin Tree and was a very popular tourist attraction because the tunnel carved in its giant base was big enough for a car to pass through. The flooding after the storm, combined with the shallow root system of giant sequoias, likely caused it to fall

The Calaveras Big Trees Association posted the message on facebook on Sunday.

Facebook post of the Calaveras Big Trees Association

Facebook post of the Calaveras Big Trees Association

After the message was posted fans of the tree flooded social media with messages of condolances and pictures and stories about the tree.

I am now 66 Yoa and the first time I went thru the tree I was 13. The last time was with my husband about 16 yrs ago. Such a tragedy!!!!!!” Marci Dunn

So sad 💔
My son & I have such wonderful memories of a ‘Summer Safari’ up the coast one year….driving thru this beautiful tree…again & again…& just one more time!
Pioneer Cabin Haiku (I don’t know why, it just came to me)
Pioneer Cabin
You gave us pleasure for years
RIP Big Tree
” Lee Rogers



today the damage became even more clear when the Calaveras Big Trees Association posted this photo by Claudia Beymer showing the huge roots that were pulled out of the ground by the storm. calveras-tree-2

The tunnel was carved out of the tree in the 1880’s. The tree was estimated to have been over 1,000 years old and measured 33 feet (10 m) in diameter.


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