Sealed with a kiss. How a guy I never met booked my trip to a secret destination

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I was an unhappy single and I wanted to get away. Just for a few days. Not too expensive, but I couldn’t make a choice where to go. I was alone and sick of it so I opened Tinder on my phone and started searching for someone who had the guts to book a trip for me.

After about an hour of swiping I got in touch with this guy who had traveled a lot. He was just back from Bosnia and told me all about his trip. I told him about my previous travels and my plans. We hit it off. When I asked him if he wanted to book a small trip for me, he immediately said yes. After I convinced him I was serious about this plan I transferred a small amount of money to him so he could book a ticket (worst case scenario I lose 50 euros). He left the conversation to find the right ticket and I sipped my wine.

Very hard not to open this envelope for three weeks

Very hard not to open this envelope for three weeks

He gave me a sealed envelope on our first date with a plane ticket in it. Not to be opened until I was at the airport. The date was one by the book. Drinks, diner, more drinks, a movie, a lot of flirting during the night and sealed with a kiss. I really liked this guy. I really-really liked him. Not only was he good-looking, I liked his humour as well and his mind-set even more. He told me about his trip to China and the Forbidden City. I asked him if he was allowed in there. He told me he was and continued talking. I started laughing about my own lame joke and when he realised he fell for it we both cried with laughter. We had so much fun that night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what was in the envelope he just gave me. Maybe I didn’t like the city he was sending me to, and was there even a plane ticket in there?

Was it just a joke?
So three weeks later I find myself on a little Dutch airport, hoping there is actually a ticket in the envelope. My heart was pumping when I sat at a little coffee table with a cappuccino and the envelop in front of me. This was the moment I found out if the cute guy was actually serious and bought a ticket to a cool city for me. Or was he a douche who ran away with my money and put nothing but a white piece of paper in the envelope? My hands where trembling when I opened the envelop and I could not believe my luck when I saw letters on the paper. It was not a blank note! Wohoo!

I looked at the plane ticket. Budapest was the city I was flying to within the hour. I thought about the contents of my luggage. Did I pack the right clothes? I guessed I did, payed for the cappuccino and walked to the gate. Not only was I going to this very cool city I had never been to, it also seemed that I finally found a soulmate.boedapest-september-2015-2-van-4

What happened in Budapest, where did I sleep, what did I do for four days and what did I forget to pack? Did I ever see the guy again? Read part 2.




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