Great movies with a city as one of the characters

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Over the years we have seen a lot of movies and a lot of characters. We’ve seen heroic leading ladies, fearful leading men, innovative children and many others. In some movies the city where the story takes place is actually one of the main characters.  Here is a list of 6 movies with a city in a leading part.

Amélie (2001) – Paris

Oh, Paris. City of love. A lot of movies take place in this city. On of them is Amélie. It’s about a very naïve girl with no life experience who’s destination in life is to help others around her. In her quest to help others she slowly discovers what love means and what she has to do to find it.

Fargo (1996)– Fargo

Fargo is a little city in Minnesota where the winters are real winters. In the snowy landscape a man named Jerry has gotten himself in financial problems. To get money Jerry sets up a plan to kidnap his wife but from then on everything goes wrong. A police investigation starts. Imagine a lot of furry heads, winter jackets and gloves between the bloody snow in this dark comedy.

In Bruges (2008)– Bruges

Although British, this movie is mostly shot in the Belgium city of Bruges. The city is beautiful but it’s the last place hit man Ray (Colin Farrel) wants to be when he has to hide after a job gone wrong.

Lost in translation (2003) – Tokyo

A middle-aged movie star past his prime, and a twenty-something wife of a photographer who is gone all the time. Two lost souls in the city of Tokyo where there is a lot to cope with. In the middle of the cultural differences and language troubles they find companionship in each other.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – New York

A golden oldie! Audrey Hepburn plays Holly, a young socialite who lives in New York and lives a glamorous life. The struggling writer Paul (George Peppard) moves into her Manhattan apartment building and gets intrigued by the flirtuous Holly.

Berlin Calling (2008) – Berlin
A movie about Berlin’s nightlife, and life in the electronic music scene in the German capital. Paul Kalkbrenner plays DJ Ickarus who visits different clubs in Berlin an slowly get’s lost in the party scene. Existing Berlin clubs, scenes of the city by night, metro stations it’s all in this movie. Whenever you go to Berlin you can take the soundtrack of this movie with you; Berlin Calling by Paul Kalkbrenner.

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