Paddlers survive shark attack in South-Africa

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Three lucky paddlers have been rescued on monday morning after one of them had been attacked by a shark. None of the three men was injured in the incident.

A call for assistance was made by the experienced paddlers after one of them was bumped off his surf-ski by a shark while paddling 400 meters Off-shore of Keurbooms Lagoon, Plettenberg Bay. After the bump, Ben Swart, 55 fromPretoria, was thrown into the air and landed in the water. Realizing that a shark had breached from underneath his surf-ski, knocking the surf-ski into the air and taking a fair sized bite out of his surf-ski, Ben was luckily able to swim back to his damaged surf-ski and lay down on it while hanging on to the surfs-ski’s of his friends on the left and the right.



According to NSRI Plettenberg (National Sea Rescue Institute) station commander Marc Rogers after the call rescue boats responded immediately. On arrival  3 surf-ski’s rafted were found together with the three paddlers paddling the surf-ski’s gently towards the shoreline, one of the surf-ski’s was found to be damaged from a shark bite. All three men were taken aboard the rescue craft and the surf-ski’s were brought to shore.

Although Ben did not see the shark again after the incident another paddler saw the shark about 30 seconds after the incident in the water nearby and believes it to be a White Shark about 4 meters in size. NSRI are urging the public, paddlers and bathers, to be cautious.  NSRI coast watchers monitoring the coastline have noted shark sightings along the Plettenberg coastline following this incident today and caution is advised.




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