What kind of traveler are you? TripAdvisor study shows 6 new traveler types

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An TripAdvisor study identified six new traveler types based on travel motivations and behaviors. What kind of traveler are you?

Value Seeker
“We want to make the most of our vacation”: Often traveling with children, they have a medium income and fall mostly into the 25-34-year-old age group. They particularly value TripAdvisor, babysitting services and kid clubs, and tend to do their travel research on their smartphone. Beach holidays are a favorite for this type.

Luxury traveler
“We want to enjoy and spend: High earners who go away with their partner on a substantial budget, they are most prevalent in the 25-49 age bracket. They like their trips to be hot and sunny, and check TripAdvisor before booking their accommodation. Preferred trips are beach and city breaks.


Social travelers
“We want to share and engage with others”: They would never consider taking a trip alone and choose to go away with friends and family. Babysitting services and kid clubs are popular amenities for this group. Very much influenced by word of mouth and recommendations, they tend to prefer beach holidays with friends. They trust TripAdvisor to provide them with hidden treasures and tend to fall into the 25-49-year-old age bracket, with a medium to high income.

Independent travelers
“I want it my way”: They love to go away solo and make all their travel choices completely independently. They seek adventure and rely heavily on online research to help them find it. Culture plays an important part in their choice, the climate does not. They are mostly low or high earners, falling in to the 25-49 age bracket.


“We want it perfect”: They spend a lot of time researching destinations, activities, restaurants and accommodations, usually on laptops, in order to find the best option for them. They are prepared to spend a little extra for something special. They are often high earners in the 25-49 age group who travel with a partner.

Habitual travelers
“We want it simple and easy”: They tend to go to the same location over and over again, and therefore spend little time planning or researching. A holiday is more about relaxing than fun. Mostly male, they often go away by themselves and tend to be low earners in the 35-64 age bracket.

The TripBarometer study, by TripAdvisor, is based upon an online survey conducted from June 21 to July 8, 2016. A total of 36,444 interviews were completed.

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