Flo video app does what it says, but that’s it

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Want to quickly edit a video and share it online while traveling? According to the creator, the Flo video app should do just that. It says to be ‘the most intelligent movie maker & video editor that understands every frame of your video and automatically edits it for you!’ Does our panel agree?

How does it work?

First of all you have to make several videos with your Iphone (it’s not available on Android just yet). When you open the app, you can easily select the videos you want to merge into one. The app analyses the video’s and then you can start.

img_0498There are different ways to edit your story: Genius mode, action mode, calm mode, people mode and 15 seconds. With any mode you choose, the app is using a different algorithm to create your story. It’s also possible to choose your scenes manually.

When you pick a mode, the app will automatically create a video for you. As an extra feature you can add music to your video. There is the ‘recommended music’ (Beholder, fiesta, greatness, wanderer, blossoming glow, hot heat, inFancy, mystica, upbeat or westerlie) or you can choose music from your own library.

When you are satisfied with your video, give the movie any name and share it online.

‘This app works fast, even on my old iPhone 5.’ Says René. ‘I recorded in HD and collecting the video’s on my phone to make it into one was also very smooth. Does it work with 4k as well?”

“I can understand why people would like this app, it’s a good way to share video’s ‘on the go’. I like the fact that you can cut or add your own scenes, because the pre-programmed cuts didn’t work for me.” Says Karin. “I would also like to add text to my story but there is no way to do that.”


Example video

Example video

Example video

Daniel: “I like the filters they use and the app looks good. You can select the videos but after you selected them you can’t rearrange them. You can manually edit your scenes, just not the order. I think the app is made for making quick video’s but there are other, better, apps that do the same.”

“I would like to have a say in the order of the fragments as well” says Aart. “It would be nice if you can edit the clips individually. But although I would like to have more features I really like this app. It works smooth and the idea of making fast action video’s on the go is really cool.’

It is possible to upgrade the free app. In the updated version  you can remove the watermark and share your videos in HD if you invite 5 friends to use the app. In previous versions you had to pay for this service. “That’s not good at all” says René. “To pay for 4K I get but HD is so common now, that should be the normal standard.”

All in all, the app does what it says it does, and it works smoothly. But in comparisons to other video apps (Cinematic, GoPRo’s, Qik, Apple’s iMovie) it lacks the extra’s.


Looks great
Works fast
Sharing works well


Can’t add text to video
Have to pay for HD
Can’t re-edit the video after making it

You can find the Flo app in the Apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flo-intelligent-movie-maker/id1148937759?mt=8

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