Adventurous? Iceland is the place to be!

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Feeling adventurous? Iceland is the place to be. Here are some cool things you can do while visiting this rough but beautiful country.

Super cool snowmobiling

One activity on the Iceland ‘must-do’ list has to be to try a little snowmobiling. Whether you simply want to have a taster session for a couple of hours or prefer to immerse yourself in the whole ice-cool adventure experience, snowmobiling is a wonderful activity for everyone. The whole idea of snowmobiling on a glacier may seem a little too ‘James Bond’ at first, but in reality, snowmobile tours can easily take you cruising across glaciers, lagoons, rivers and ice-caps. Why not combine a high powered super-jeep tour with a snowmobile excursion on one of the glaciers as this makes for a perfect full day tour with a little adventure thrown in for good measure?
Fat Bike Adventures

Iceland has long been a top destination for mountain bikers who love the unexpected thrills this unforgiving land can present, but now it seems that Fat Bikes are taking Iceland by storm. Built to cope with the most extreme conditions these chubby wheeled monsters are proving a massive hit with hardier travellers or for those seeking an adrenaline fuelled biking adventure. Capable of coping with ice, snow, sand, dust, lava, mud and water, these robust all-weather bikes are proving a hit throughout the year. On a fat bike, riders can scale volcanoes, cross black sand beaches, traverse frozen rivers, bounce over lava meadows and push themselves to the limit. Of course, with Iceland’s sensitive eco-system you must respect the environment and stick to one of the many tracks which are mapped out for bikers and hikers.

Hike a glacier

The outlet glaciers from the icecaps on the South Shore are easily accessed and provide a whole host of glacier activities, ranging from easy hikes that can be adapted to suit almost everyone all the way up to more extreme glacier adventures. The duration of the shorter hikes is around 2½ – 3½ hours where you get a fantastic introduction to the magical world of glaciers, with their own water systems, crevasses, dirt cones, glacier mice, moulins and possibly ice-caves.

If you are traveling in the area of the icecaps Myrdalsjökull and Vatnajökull (the biggest icecap in Iceland and the third largest in the world), you should not miss the opportunity to join a glacier hike. The tours are operated on the outlet glaciers of the icecaps i.e. Sólheimajökull, an outlet glacier from Myrdalsjökull and Falljökull and Svínafellsjökull, outlet glaciers in the Vatnajökull National Park in the Skaftafell area.

Sightseeing from the Saddle

If you love the great outdoors and want to get out and explore the countryside from the comfort of the saddle, then you must try riding Icelandic horses. Sturdy and solid, intelligent and brave, these beautiful creatures make the perfect companions for exploring the rugged Icelandic terrain. Gentle, patient and strong, Icelandic horses are ideal for beginners and younger riders or those who are less familiar with horses. The perfect excursion for friends and family, treks of various lengths can be arranged for both novice and experienced riders. Icelandic horses are some of the hardiest on the planet and no matter what the weather they make sight-seeing from the saddle a magical experience.

We showed you earlier how beautiful Iceland is.


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