‘Peace walking man’ is not the only one

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john-mpaliza-660x330John Mpalizais is on a 1600 km journey from Italy to Brussels, by foot! The ‘peace walking man’ wants to draw attention to the horrible situation in Beni region in his homecountry Congo.

Recentely 1116 persons where slaughtered and 1470 people are officially registered as kidnapped. John is being accompanied by groups of walkers on every traject. After walking for over a month he arrived in the Netherlands this weekend. He plans to arrive in Brussels at december 8. It’s not the first time he is walking this route, in 2012 he did the same.

He is also not the only one walking to draw attention to problems in the world.

Leonardus Vercauteren from Belgium has been walking solidly for six months across Europe in to draw attention to ongoing wars worldwide.He walked 3900 km through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia and Greece and ended his trip in Turkey.

In 2013 Vidyadhar Bhuskute, who was 62 at the time, walked  from Kashmir to Kanyakumari approximately 3600 km to spread a message of peace.

jean_beliveau_marcheur_a_montrealAnd then there is Jean Béliveau from Canada. He left his hometown Montreal on August 18 in the year 2000. He finished his walk on October 17 in 2011. He walked for eleven years, crossing throug North-America, Souh-America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

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