Icehotel can be visited all year round

  • Oh Deer
    Art Suite 365 – Oh Deer. Ulrika Tallving & Carl Wellander. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Dancers in the dark,
    Art Suite 365 – Dancers in the Dark. Design Tjåsa Gusfors & Patrick Dallard. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • You are my type
    Art Suite 365 – You Are My Type. Design John Bark & Charli Kasselbäck. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Once Upon a Time
    Deluxe Suite 365 – Once upon a Time. Design Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Wishful Thinking
    Deluxe Suite 365 – Wishful Thinking. Design Marjolein Vonk & Maurizio Perron. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Ice chandelier
    Ice chandelier in Main Hall Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Dog sledding, Torne River, Icehotel
    Arctic Light over Torne River, Jukkasjärvi Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Relax room
    Deluxe Suite - Spa, relax and sauna. Design Marjolein Vonk & Pia Sandgren. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Don't Get Lost
    Deluxe Suite 365 – Don’t get Lost. Design Tommy Alatalo. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • Entrance ICEHOTEL 365
    Entrance of the Ice art hall for year-round ice experiences. Photo Asaf Kliger
  • small_ph_141211_7356-3
    ART & DESIGN book 2015, ICEHOTEL, iCelebrate25, Suite 315, Polar Night design by Hans Abrahamsson och Ann-Louice Abrahamsson.
  • The Power of Love:
    Press release December 2015, ICEHOTEL, The Power of Love design by Sebastian Scheller (Germany) Kristina Möckel(Germany)
  • small_icehotel_2016_ice_church_connect_design_edith_maria_van_der_wetering_and_wilfred_stijger_photo_asaf_kliger
  • small_icehotel_2016_icebar_by_icehotel_jukkasjarvi_tribute_design_elin_julin_marinus_vroom_jens_thoms_ivarsson_photo_asaf_kliger
  • small_icehotel_2016_main_hall_design_erik_fankki_arne_bergh_photo_asaf_kliger
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An icehotel that can be visited 365 days a year will open this week in Jukkasjärvi, near Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland. The hotel runs on solar power from the midnight sun in the summer. Icehotel 365 has 20 rooms, of which 11 are ‘art suites’ with names as ‘oh deer’ and ‘dancers in the dark’. There also are nine deluxe suites where you can sleep on a bed of ice. Over 40 artists, architects and designers from nine different countries have worked on the hotel where it is -5C.


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