Catch your own dinner at this awesome restaurant

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Going out for diner most of the time means sitting at a diner table, taking a look at the menu, waiting for the waiter, order something you like and wait for the food to arrive. Well, that’s not the case in this amazing Japanese restaurant where they let you catch your own diner!

catchyourdinnerWith a fishing rod and bait you are given when you arrive at Zauo restaurant in Tokyo, you can go fishing in large fish tanks. Once you catch something, you buy it. But first it will be celebrated with Japanese drums. The unfortunate fish will be prepared by chefs. You can enjoy a wide variety of menus such as sashimi and shioyaki (fish grilled with salt), sushi and zosui (rice porridge), kabutoyaki (grilled fish head) and honesenbei (fish bone cracker), miso soup and more. Haven’t got the fishermans blood in you? Don’t worry. If you don’t catch anything you can just order from the menu.


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