‘Seats on Ryanair flights could be be free within a decade’ says CEO

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Many seats on flights across Europe of discount airline Ryanair could be free in the future. It’s CEO’s Michael O’Leary’s ambition to offer zero fares within ten years. The CEO stated this in a speech to the Airport Operators Association conference in London on Tuesday. The Guardian quoted: “The challenge for us in the future is to keep driving air fares down. I have this vision that in the next five to 10 years that the air fares on Ryanair will be free, in which case the flights will be full, and we will be making our money out of sharing the airport revenues; of all the people who will be running through airports, and getting a share of the shopping and the retail revenues at airports.”

Ryanair is carrying passengers on 1,800 daily flights from 84 bases, connecting over 200 destinations in 33 countries. The airline has set a goal to have flown more then 200 million passengers by 2024.


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