Iceland Academy teaches tourists how to take a safe selfie

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Did you know that on an average day, over 93 million selfies are taken globally? Or that each year, as the internet grows, more people are putting themselves in harms way to capture the perfect picture? Taking the perfect selfie is a hard job and sometimes even dangerous as you can see in this list of selfie-related accidents.

Iceland Academy is an Icelandic tourism campaign aimed at helping tourists experience the country like a local, whilst raising awareness about how to travel in a safe and responsible way and it has introduced a special video guide on ‘How to Take a Safe Selfie’. The video is one of five new online tutorials for tourists wanting to learn about how to experience the best of Iceland firsthand, from the people who know it best – the locals.

Since launching in February 2016Iceland Academy has helped over 15,000 visitors learn about all aspects of Icelandic nature, culture and etiquette offering advice on avoiding awkwardness in the hot tub, how to drive safely in Iceland, what makes local food so healthy and delicious, how to travel responsibly, winter sports, staying safe, how to pack for Iceland’s ever changing weather system and how to capture the Northern Lights.

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